6 clothing items you need to get rid of

Fashion trends change with time, sometimes repeating themselves. Our bodies change with time as well! And then you find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Here are 6 clothing items you need to get rid of. 


  1. “Misfits” (pun intended) – you know exactly what I am talking about. Those jeans that are too small, but you keep around just in case. Or that sweater that is way too big and looks like it is swallowing you alive, but is oh so comfy. Yeah, those items. Unless it really fits you well, you don’t need it wasting space and gaining dust. 
  2. Damaged goods – Everyone has that sweater/t-shirt/insert-item-that-applies-to-you that has tiny holes or weird stains. It is one thing to repair one little hole, but if it is full of them or the stains don’t come out, it is time to toss it!
  3. Unflattering pieces – be it due to pregnancy, weight gain/loss or simply aging, our bodies don’t stay the same forever! Things that don’t look or feel good anymore are just taking up space in our closet. 
  4. Anything you haven’t worn in 6 to 12 months – unless there’s a specific reason. Some items are purely seasonal (like beachwear or ski clothing) and some you are more or less forced to stop wearing for a while – if you get pregnant for example! But if you have items on the back of your closet that you simply don’t wear without a specific reason (or you have just forgotten about), then they need to go. 
  5. Things with their tags still on – let’s be honest: if it still has a tag on, it means you haven’t worn it. And if you haven’t worn it yet, chances are, you probably won’t in the future. Get rid of it!
  6. Things your family gave you, but you don’t like – just because your aunt Betty gave it to you, doesn’t mean you have to keep it! Sometimes we keep things around because they were gifts and often expensive. That is called “family guilt”. If you don’t want to donate it because it was so expensive, consider selling it. Whatever you choose to do with it, it needs to go. 

These are the 6 clothing items you need to get rid of. Spring has sprung and Summer is around the corner, making this the perfect time for you to give your closet a makeover!

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