Review & Giveaway: Footner CoolAtive Massageroller

I received the new CoolActive Massageroller from footner and tested it out for you guys. It’s a new roller for feet and legs which helps against burning, heavy and tired feet. And I have a giveaway for you guys too!

footnet CoolActive Massageroller

I am going to be bluntly honest with you guys: my feet are the most neglected part of my body. From walking pretty much everywhere to not wearing the appropriate shoes (especially during Summertime), I am used to painful feet at the end of the day. Sometimes I can’t even wear certain shoes the next day, that’s how much it hurts!


In all honesty, I was very skeptical about this product. A roller that promises quick relieve for burning feet, while giving you a calming massage? Yeah right! Those were my thoughts exactly. However, it proved me wrong! 

The footner CoolActive Massageroller is small, handy and fits in every handbag. It kinda looks like a deodorant bottle when you first see it. It is pretty easy to use too: you just need to shake it well a few times and then push the metal ball on top until some foam comes out. Then you massage the foam into the sole of your feet and your ankles, if needed, for about 2 to 5 minutes. The sound it makes when the foam is coming out is pretty funny too! It smells fresh, but the smell doesn’t linger at all, which I find very good.

Like I said, I was skeptical. I thought at best it would provide a nice massage. But to my surprise, it really is refreshing and cooling! The rolling ball (which reminds me of a pen) is made out of metal. Really cold metal – which is extremely cooling on the skin! 

I tried this on two different occasions to make sure I had the right results: once when I hadn’t walked much and once after we went on a trip to Gmunden (where we walked a ton!).

footnet CoolActive Massageroller


The first time the CoolActive Massageroller was cooling and refreshing, but nothing that blew my mind. The second time I used it, my feet were really beaten up, they hurt and burned a bit from all the walking in sandals and hot weather. I thought it would burn even more, but it actually did the opposite!

After using it for the second time, my feet instantly felt lighter! I don’t know if it was the cooling effect or the message, but my feet felt reinvigorated. One thing I suffer from a lot is the sole of my feet burning after I walked in the wrong shoes, especially if it is really hot. And usually, that burning does not go away for a few days. So I was really surprised how well the CoolActive Massageroller actually worked!

footnet CoolActive Massageroller


I have a second box of the footner CoolActive Massageroller to give away to one of you!! To take part in the giveaways, you must: 

The Giveaway is open until the 30th of August 2018. 

The Giveaway is only open to AUSTRIA and GERMANY!

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