The Stokke® Caring Collection Blankets

I already wrote about my love for Stokke on my Lifestyle Blog and have since then shared a lot of things on my Instagram. Today I am telling you what I like the most about the new Stokke® Caring Collection which launched back in June. 


Stokke is a Norwegian brand, with a very Scandinavian look and feel to it. That is one of the reasons why Stokke holds a special place in my heart. As you may know, I was born in Denmark, but that isn’t the only reason Scandinavia is special to me. I have two half-sisters in Norway, my father (who was born stateless) got the Norwegian nationality in order to study and I actually was Norwegian until my 18th birthday. As you see, Norway has and will always be in my life, which is why I love working together with Stokke. I like that the brand values quality and functionality, using designs that literally “grow with your baby”. This also translates to the textiles the brand uses. 

CaringCollection Stokke - Rosie von Waldherr - The Cheeky Mom


I was sent both the cotton knit and the merino wool blankets from Stokke’s new Caring Collection. Both blankets very soft and, in true Stokke fashion, of amazing quality. Stokke uses 100% bio-cotton with an OCS 100 Certification. This certification ensures the products really use the amount of bio-cotton they say they use. This means, when you purchase one of these blankets, you can be sure they are truly made out of 100% biological cotton. The merino wool blanket is beautifully done, with a more delicate feel than the cotton one but just as soft. 

We have been using the cotton knit blanket almost on a daily basis. We use it as a blanket and as a cover-up for Benjamin whenever we go swimming. Babies lose body temperature really quickly, which is why I always wrap him up in the cotton knit blanket. This way he keeps warm and, as a bonus point, looks super cute! You can see some photos of him with the blanket on my Instagram account. 

Both blankets from the Stokke® Caring Collection have their advantages. I prefer using the cotton one as a cover-up when we go swimming or out for a picnic. The merino wool blanket is perfect to have in the crib or in the stroller because it is so soft and the babies can snuggle up to it. 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how the blankets match the carpet in Benjamin’s room?

The Stokke® Caring Collection blankets are a perfect gift for new parents or as a Christmas/birthday/christening present. They also come in pink and light grey/beige.

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