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I’ve been writing online for half of my life. Literally: I started my first blog when I was 15 and am now 30 years old. It started as an anonymous diary of a teenager trying to deal with her emotions. Then I started my lifestyle blog back in 2011. In the last 7 years, it had many names – they all seemed like they were missing something and none felt quite right. My life started a new chapter when my son Benjamin was born. And today, I open a new blogging chapter with The Cheeky Mom!


As soon as I started telling people I was pregnant, people started reaching out to me. Some of them with (unwanted) advice, but a lot of them with questions. People who have been following me on social media for a while, also pregnant or new moms. People who felt overwhelmed with all of the (also mostly unwanted) advice they felt they were getting, regardless where they turned. And so I decided it was time to take a new step. 

I had been feeling somewhat “stuck” on my previous blog. Lifestyle alone just didn’t cut it, it seemed too…hollow. Starting a new blog is a risk, especially when you’ve been writing on the same platform for as long as I have. I have readers who come back to my blog, Instagram followers who like my account. Starting from the beginning again is scary. But it feels right! 


I was in kindergarten when someone called me “cheeky” for the first time. Even as a child I managed to always have a witty and, often unexpected, comeback. People always said it was “adorable”, which didn’t think was. It’s the one thing I have always known about me: no matter where I go, which language I am speaking or where I am in my life.

This blog will be my new platform, where I hope to inspire new (expecting) moms and take some of their fear away. Heck, I hope you all also have fun when reading my posts! Everyone is different and that also applies to babies and children and parenting. That’s the message I want to convey to you. Along with a lot of sarcasm, probably embarrassing stories and most definitely a lot of coffee!

Welcome to The Cheeky Mom – I hope you enjoy yourself here and would love it if you reached out to me!


  1. July 5, 2018 / 11:39 AM

    Liebe Rosie 💖

    Alles alles Gute für deinen neuen Blog und natürlich auch deine kleine, süße Familie!


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